Sunday, March 03, 2013

Daffodils, ripples & chaos!

I've had a busy week and when I say busy I mean busier than any week so far this year! Now, as I mentioned before, my fiance is currently undergoing physio due to a condition he has and boy is it tiring! As well as once a week early appointments, we also have to do stretching exercises twice a day. He can get his legs to 60 degrees which is awesome because before that he could only do 45 degrees. So the stretches are working! It will all be worth it in the end though because hopefully it'll mean we can start going for lovely walks in Spring! I can't wait! And just to add to the chaos of the week I went & fractured my toe! Only a tiny fracture but a very nasty bruise (I won't show you)! I was emptying the cylinder on the vacuum cleaner, barefoot and it fell out of my hand and onto my toe! Ouch! I think I learned a valuable lesson!

We had a meeting on Monday about a few new things we'll be involved in later this year. I'll have more details on that in the coming months. Later that evening, we were invited to a surprise 75th Birthday get together for a friend of ours. It was a lovely & very relaxed evening with friends. We were given a bit of delicious cake to take home after. That was one of the fun part of the week! 

I did find a little bit of time to relax here and there! There is nothing better than a hot beverage and a good book after a long day. I love getting up early in the morning, usually about 2 or 3 hours before everyone else. I make my breakfast and then relax & read for a bit before I have to wake up the house. I cherish the days when that is possible!

I made a daffodil this week thanks to this wonderful pattern! I've got two books with daffodil patterns but I just couldn't get my head around them. I saw this on on Lucy's blog late Thursday night and sat there making one. It was so easy & super fun! I plan on using them in a charity project.

 I've also been working on an interlocking ripple this week using the neat ripple pattern. I couldn't figure out how it worked before and what side to start the next rows so I made a small sample one and it just clicked. Then on Wednesday, I decided to make one using my scraps and old stash of Stylecraft Special DK. The colours might end up being a bit nuts but it might work out! So far so good! The cat in the above photos is called Moe and he is completely crazy! He loves to burrow into my bags, especially when they contain yarn or any projects I'm working on and peddle. He's the one we make the den/fort for on the sofa because he likes to burrow under the blankets. Today he picked the exact moment I was taking photos to climb inside!

The stew and dumplings my father made last Sunday in the slow cooker was divine! Perfect winter food! He also treated us to banana splits on Friday night, something I've not had in years! 

This is Socks, one of our older cats. She spends most of her time in that little cardboard house or on the sofa snuggled up under a blanket. We usually have to fight her for a seat. The cardboard house is really cool. It has a scratch thing inside it that keeps them happy. 

These are our youngest. They'll be 2 years old this year. Moe is the one in the yarn bag (again) and the black one is his sister, Soetie. Next to her, sharing the sofa (which very rarely happens) is their brother Vinnie. He's probably the largest cat in the house (and the naughtiest). I had a sort out yesterday, moving scraps and old yarn into one bag and new into another. Most of my hooks and stitch markers are in one place now so they should be easier to find. The cats loved it! They took a dive into the huge yarn bag like it was a swimming pool! 

The catnip obviously didn't help the situation much but they had fun! Catnip mad! He loves it!

 Today has been all about snuggles & blankets though. This was taken earlier in the week but this is something he does all the time. 

Ok, well that's my post for today done! I've changed a few things on the blog here and there. I got a bit fed up with my collages (that's the perfectionist in me coming out) so have decided to post the photos on their own or in groups of two. Let me know what you think...I appreciate all comments!

I've got another busy week ahead but I'll still see you here in a weeks time! Hope you all have an awesome week!


  1. Oh my, sorry to hear about your foot! I've done that to myself before too. I hope it's better soon. I want to try a daffodil soon too! Yours is so cute. The ripple is looking great. I love your blog, it's so colorful and you have so much going on!

    1. Toe is much better thank you :) only hurts when I wear shoes (which is not often). Thank you, I really enjoyed making the daffodil and the ripple is so much fun! Thank you so much for comments about my blog!

  2. Lovely ripple. And you've made me love the daffodils even more:) I love your blog, and I have to say I liked the collages:) Your photos are always so well done. Hope your foot is better soon!

    1. Thank you so much! I love photography so that's a huge compliment. Your comments are so kind :) and I'm so glad you like the collages!