Sunday, April 14, 2013

Happy Birthday Mom! ♥ Lots Of Crochet & other things

Today is my mom's birthday so before I do anything else, I just want to wish her a very big........ 


Sadly, we aren't able to spend the day together but I'm hoping that one day we will see each other again so I can spoil her rotten! Thanks to awesome apps like Whatsapp I know I can at least chat to her all day and if I'm lucky I might be able to chat to her today!

 I'm hoping that she still has an awesome day no matter how far apart we are. 

She is an incredible woman who has been through so much in her life and taught me how to be strong and keep on fighting no matter how tough things get.

I love and miss her everyday. ♥♥♥♥♥♥

Ok, so I promise I do have some crochet to share with you this week! I'm really sorry that last week was a bit boring. I couldn't help it. I love the sunshine, animals and nature. It all just makes me so happy!

But firstly, I thought I'd share some photos that I forgot to share last week! This is Vinnie playing with an empty box of Rice Crispies. He's the biggest cat in the house and will try to fit into anything of the box or container variety. As you can see he is a bit too big for the box and ended up splitting it open down the side! This is the same cat I showed you that squashed himself into a small container!

This is his brother Moe/Mosely/Moses! Usually just Moe! He has developed an obsession with going into the backroom of our house. They aren't allowed in there because of all the breakables so he waits by the door until you need to go in there. You then have to pick him up and carry him around the room! It's his daily outing, it makes him happy, he purrs alot! He likes the colour pink! He especially likes to sleep on his fluffy pink blanky!

Ok, so crochet time!!! I hate giving up/quitting/being defeated by anything so I decided to undo the whole cat nest! I finally figured out where I've been going wrong...I've been ending rows in a different place. I could see that from the seam it was leaving but didn't realise at the time. So 4th attempt! It's going ok but not quite finished yet.

I'm still participating in the Granny CAL over at Knot Your Nana's Crochet but I'm a little behind which is a bit embarrassing considering you only have to do 3 squares a week! See, I'm a bit of a procrastinator and that takes up a lot of my time.

I did a fair bit of crochet this week though. I managed to fit it in around all the procrastination. The lounge briefly looked like a yarn bomb had hit it! My things were everywhere which the OH wasn't overjoyed about because every time he sat down he was attacked by a giant ball of yarn!
 I worked on the almost finished ripple. I know, I know! I keep saying it's almost finished but it's not finished. I promise though, it's close! Only 4 rows left and then it's time to weave in all those ends!

And, I also started a rainbow runner to go above the old fireplace because it looks so grey and boring. I thought it'd be simple seeing as it's just rows of single crochet but it took me the whole afternoon to figure it out. The side I was starting the row on was shorter than where it ended! So I went with doing 2 rows of each colour and using a different method when changing colours. It's Stylecraft Special DK yarn again because that's pretty much the only yarn I use/have ever used. Does anyone know if there is another way to flatten/block acrylic items rather than the steam from iron method? I don't own an iron but I know this little crochet project is going to need some blocking.

Mandala Rug by A Creative Being

Did you see this rug posted on A Creative Being? It's gorgeous and I plan to make one. I have so much super chunky yarn that I was going to make more cat nests with but now I'm thinking I can make some great rugs! 

I did a bit of baking this week which included our regular loaf of bread and also some Biscotti. I've always wanted to make Biscotti so I tried out the recipe I've got. It was ok but I'm hoping the second attempt will be better. The men certainly enjoyed it though!

We also tried something different this week. Bulgur wheat! Very tasty & definitely something we'll have again!

I'm so proud of my fiance. Even through the pain he is still keeping up with his walking schedule. The walking stick did join us but only briefly for the uphill. He walked a little further this week and soon we are hoping to get past those wooden steps you can see.

I did a fair bit of Cappuccino (lactofree) drinking this week and obviously lots of reading! It was like a reward for all the hard work from cleaning & tidying, getting ready for our visitor! I'm currently reading Find You in the Dark by A. Meredith Walters  which is turning out to be a very intense read! 

On Thursday, my fiance's father arrived! It's lovely to have him visiting again and it's a nice break for him! He brought a little surprise with see that painting up there? He painted it! He's very talented. I'll have to show off some of his work next week. We are all currently enjoying the a bit of a break from regular life. My dad is on leave so we get to spend the week with both dads! I just hope this rain clears up soon!

We went for our second walk on Friday after the men had spent the afternoon doing the grocery shopping. It was a very relaxed walk and most enjoyable. We spent most of it admiring nature. It's so nice to see everything coming back to life.

Even the Daffodil's made an appearance! I wait for them every year. They grow wild everywhere in Wales which makes sense because they are the national flower. Hopefully soon we'll be seeing some wild garlic and  bluebells!

My dad didn't join us for our walk but he was there to meet us at the gate when we returned! Despite the slightly wet weather, it was still a beautiful day!

So, that was my week! Another busy one, just the way I like it! 

Recently, I found that I wasn't really enjoying blogging any more. It's not easy knowing what to write and what photos to include. I worry that it's not appealing to others even though I know that I mainly started this blog for me. I'm a worrier and I'm a perfectionist! It's daunting when I think about all the processing involved with photography & sometimes it takes me forever just to sort the photos out. The collages aren't easy either but after finding Picasa I'm finally excited abut blogging again! Yay! I can use my usual software for processing & then Picasa does everything else for me! It's awesome! I'm a happy bunny and I've been having a great time playing with it all weekend! I just wanted to share that with you!

So, hope you all have a wonderful week! Take care and see you next Sunday! x


  1. What a lovely week. You've inspired me to take the kids down to the park we have nearby, if it ever stops raining!

    1. I feel your pain! We are in for a week of rain :( it's going to be a wet walk!

  2. Happy birthday to your mother! You always have so much going on, your blog is really fun to visit. I'm sorry you were feeling discouraged about blogging. Please know that I'll be here reading whatever you post! I like Picasa too; I think it has some very useful tools and features. I especially like being able to adjust the colors in a photo if they look a bit "off" to me. Hope you have a great week!

    1. Thank you so much, that's great to know :) sometimes it's just not easy fitting it all in. I've been spending a lot more time over at your blog lately. I'm sort of addicted ;) ♥ Picasa is great! I have to admit, I edit my raw files in Lightroom but I'm loving the frame and special effects in Picasa! Wish I'd known about it in the beginning! ;)