Sunday, June 02, 2013

We all have our limits!

I think I finally reached my limit. After a week of early mornings, days spent constantly on my feet & a week full of cooking, cleaning, crocheting, exercising, reading and everything else, my body has finally told me it's had enough! So this weekend I am planning on seriously relaxing and for that reason I'm going to keep my blog post simple. More photos than writing which I am sure everyone prefers!

So, this week....

I started reading Divergent. It's seriously addictive. I ♥ it & highly recommend it! I feel like I've finally found the book I've been searching for over the past few months!

I crocheted a bit more of the Rainbow rug that I mentioned here & here and a bit more of the Skull shawl that I mentioned here. I'm finishing off old projects (sort of) & starting new ones!

I finished the design for my dad's camouflage style blanket and started making the 775 squares (24 done 751 to go).

We looked after little Moe because he was still unwell. The colitis has stopped for now (we are keeping a close eye on what he eats) but he caught a cold so he's been moping around the house, burrowing under blankets, sneezing & sleeping all week. A few of the others seem to have picked it up as well but all seems well today (hopefully it's all passed).

As tired as we both were, we still went for a walk this week and it was lovely! The best part of the walk was smelling the wild garlic. It's so lovely!

Our regular visitors were busy feeding themselves. We had a dove that kept appearing in the garden & acting a bit odd. We think it was roosting & enjoying the sun!

Once my dad came home from work, the men went to town to do some shopping & I came along for the ride. I sat in the back & did some crochet. It was great to have some chill time!

I baked some bread and a chocolate cake. The chocolate cake was the simplest recipe ever. It's 240g of chocolate spread mixed with 4 eggs (whisked until they triple in size) and then baked in the oven for 30mins. It makes a flat cake but so yummy! My dad treated us to steaks (a luxury that we don't have very often) tonight & they were so lush! We had chocolate cake & ice-cream for dessert.

And lastly, we went outside for a little bit to enjoy the sun. Tabby disappears every time but the girls (Socks & Bella) just sunbathe in the garden so I get to photograph them. It was fun but we didn't stay out long as it was a bit too warm for them.

Ok, so that was my week. I've been getting up at 4am everyday (including Saturday) because my poor dad has been on the early shift & I've been making breakfast etc. So right now we are all exhausted and ready to get a good nights sleep & looking forward to sleeping in on Sunday! He's worked nearly 2 weeks without a weekend. He's pretty amazing but he seriously needs a break!

Take care all & best wishes for the week ahead!


  1. You have been busy! I'm glad you're able to take some time to relax now, you deserve it. Your dad sounds like a very hard worker, I think it's really great how you all pitch in and take care of each other. Your chocolate cake looks soooo good. I love cake and ice cream together. :)

    1. Thank you Jennifer. I'm well rested now :) he is, some might say too hard of a worker and that's why I feel like I need to do my part. Everyone needs someone to take care of them even if they won't admit it ;) x

  2. Get some rest:) I hope you enjoy Divergent, I really liked both of them.

    1. Oh Laurel! I loved Divergent! I finished it yesterday :) one of my top reads of this year!

  3. Great Post loved the pictures of the birds you have a good talent for taking pictures :), it seems like life runs in front of you these days with having no time for yourself. but i see you are having some time to relax. I hear Divergent is a great book i do love a dystopian book :)
    well i hope next week is alot of you time you need it :D