Monday, August 05, 2013

A new visitor!

I'm a day late with this post but my weekend has been jam packed with sorting & cleaning! I caught the cleaning bug again so was on a major mission! We also have family arriving on Thursday & my fiance's birthday next week so there is a lot to plan and organise. Sometimes I think I get more excited about his birthday than he does!

 Do you remember the photo last week of the red & brown squares? Well, this is the finished project! It was really fun to make but I would've loved to use other colours. It's part of my stash busting mission! I haven't got a link to a pattern because I got it from my head but it's really easy to make and there is probably plenty of similar ones around. I think it's 52 granny squares in total (I could be wrong) and I used the JAYG method. The handles are very basic. I ran out of yarn on the handles so I couldn't make them very long & couldn't add the flowers like I had hoped but it's great as a sort of handbag.

So here is my charity collection! It's all currently in the shop, waiting for someone to buy them and all of the money made from the items goes to the charity. The small bag already sold! The lovely manager bought it as soon as she saw it! It certainly makes me feel good being able to do things for charity and I've still got loads more yarn to use up!

I'd like to introduce you to our new visitor! My dad had been making dinner when he noticed it on the bird feed. I quietly went to grab my camera & started snapping away! It's not often we get squirrels in our garden. Actually, we've never had a squirrel in our garden so this was definitely a moment to remember!

I don't think the crows & magpies were very happy to be sharing their garden, especially when the squirrel kept chasing them away from the food! Moe didn't look too please either. He was a bit confused at first. I love it! I thing it's so cute and they are so clever! We've not seen it since but that might be thanks to the rain! Oh & we've been getting regular visits from a woodpecker! I ♥ wildlife! It's the Zimbabwean in me!

And lastly I will leave you with these images! These are 2 things I'm working on at the moment (along with the many other WIPs). One is a gift so I can't say much about it but I throw in photo here & there and the other is something I started to make because a family member needed help but now I've just carried on with it. I'll show you more once it gets a bit bigger. The pattern can be found here.

Thanks again for reading. I hope your week has had as good a start as mine has. It's not often that we have a good Monday in our house but so far so good! I'm in desperate need of some R&R. My neck is still sore (my own fault for spending too much time on the laptop over the last few weeks) & the pain has been causing other issues so have strict instructions from my lovely man to do nothing today. I don't think that will last long because I'm the type of person that always needs to be doing something.

Take care everyone! Wishing you a week filled with happiness & positivity! I'll try to post at the weekend but otherwise it will be next week!

PS: I'll show you my new crafting lamp next time! It's awesome! ☺


  1. Your bag is beautiful! I think it's really wonderful that you sell them for charity. That squirrel looks like a bully. I have a few of those too. My husband's birthday is also next week, on the 16th. :)

    1. Only 3 days apart! My fiance's is the 13th :D he was actually born on Friday the 13th. Thank you again for your lovely comments :D