Sunday, January 06, 2013

Achieving My First Goal of 2013!

One of my biggest goals for this year was to finally get around to starting my own blog! What I've found to be the biggest problem though is finding time to actually have a blog! It's hard work but at last I've done it! I've started my own blog & I've met my deadline! The first Sunday of the year!

I probably won't be the most exciting blogger in the world but I do hope that you'll enjoy my blog! I hope to share some of my photography with you as I learn & improve my skills.

I hope to keep it bright & colourful as often as I can & worry free because everyone needs something to brighten up their day! That's my biggest reason for creating this blog! We all need something to remind us of the little things in life...things we forget about when life is getting us down...

I take after my mom & dad with their love of cooking, experimenting with food, love of nature & all animals, creativity, designg & artistic skills, reading and so many other things! I'm learning, slowly! I feel very blessed to have two parents that are talented in so many ways, it gives me something to aspire to! So, I plan to show a lot of my cooking, designing & mishaps!

Lastly, I hope to show you my crochet projects! I love crochet! I love the planning & designing that goes into it! I've never done random...I'm a planner & organiser so I find random very difficult! I hope to show you my designs & how I come up with them. I've got a project on the go at the moment that I'll be sharing soon!

I also have a wonderful boyfriend & 7 cats that make life very interesting! So, that's all for now. I hope to meet you here again in a weeks time! Hope you all have a lovely week :) x


  1. It looks like you've done a fine job of achieving your personal goal. I love photography so I'll enjoy following your journey into that world!

    1. Thank you very much Sammy. I hope I can keep you interested in my blog :)