Sunday, January 13, 2013

Family, Creativity, Happiness & Rainbow Granny Stripes!

We've had a busy week in our little home. My boyfriend's father came to visit for 10 days and we got to celebrate his birthday with him for the first time in years & spoil him (there were a lot of presents to open! It was fun and gave me an excuse to experiment with a few recipes and eat a lot of naughty food! During his visit we had take-aways, a lovely roast chicken dinner thanks to my wonderful father and I made pancakes for breakfast, peanut butter cookies to nibble on (recipe found on the wonderful Zoomyummy Blog by Petra) & yummy gooey lemon cakes for dessert (recipe found again on the Zoomyummy Blog by Petra).

The Rainbow Granny Stripe is done!

I managed to squeeze in a fair bit of crochet! I finally finished the Rainbow Granny Stripe that I've been working on since October 2012! It would've been finished long ago but I had to squeeze in another project and then of course Christmas arrived and that's always hectic! I'm proud of this blanket. It's my 6th Granny Stripe blanket. I find the pattern so easy! The yarn I used is the same yarn I've been using for about 5 years (since I started to crochet) because of the quality & the cheap price! It's Stylecraft Special DK and it's wonderful! Incredibly soft for acrylic & there is such a lovely range of colours! I buy mine from  Wool Warehouse because I've found they are the cheapest and fastest!

In our house, a fair amount of quality control has to be done before us humans are allowed to have/use the blankets! Everything must be cat tested! (I think it passed!). While I was making this blanket it was being peddled and occasionally sucked by the cat inspectors! I'm pretty sure that's a HUGE compliment! I can't wait to see the response once it's on the bed!

Ok, so onto some details about the blanket!
It's about 2m long & 2m wide! I used 24 balls of yarn (24 different colours) for the blanket. They were Lemon, Citron, Saffron, Sunshine, Apricot, Jaffa, Shrimp, Matador, Lipstick, Candyfloss, Fondant, Fiesta, Bright Pink, Clematis, Magenta, Emperor, Sherbert, Turquoise, Midnight, Aspen, Teal, Spring Green, Bright Green & Green! For the border I used Black, Emperor, Magenta, Turquoise and Bright Pink.

It's also fairly large! It hangs over the edge on both sides of our bed, nearly touching the floor! I think I over estimated the size we needed but it's still perfect. It's constantly making me smile when I walk into our bedroom!

The rest of my week was filled with yummy enjoyable Cappuccinos (made with some lovely freshly ground coffee that arrived this week...tastes so much better than instant coffee!), a yarn delivery (I can't wait to play with it, some new crochet ideas (I've been working on a bowl & 2 blankets made with different types of squares) and rescuing my yarn bag from the youngest fury member of our family that decided it was the purrrrfect bed! 

So, that was my week! This week is the start of our healthier eating as I plan to lose A LOT of weight before the end of the year. Did I mention before that we've given up chocolate for 85 days?.... Easy for me as I'm not a chocolate addict but it's a tough one for my boyfriend. He loves his chocolate. He's doing so well so far though! Only 73 days to go! Now I shall love & leave you as it's Sunday and we have a lot of family time planned which means TV & lots of crochet! Hope to see you again next week! 
Take care & have a lovely week x


  1. Oh that lemon cake looks very tasty. I must try it! What a beautiful blanket. I'm sure your furbabies are getting the most joy out of it.

    1. Thank you :) you are slightly right but they don't seem to come on our bed very much.

  2. Love your granny stripe. Can you remember how many foundation chains you started with and are the colours you listed in the order you used?

    1. Hi, thank you so much. Um no, really sorry :) I can't remember how many chains & had hoped I'd written it somewhere but I haven't. I know it was too many though as it almost hangs on the floor when it's on our bed. Yes, the colours are listed in order. Hope that helps x

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