Sunday, February 17, 2013

Inspiration, Valentine's Day, Reading & Procrastination!

I have followers? I’m totally overjoyed that people actually want to read what I have to say or at least look at the pictures (I know that’s what I often do). Thank You!

So, this week I was quite shocked (in a good way) to see one of my crochet projects from a few years ago posted on Facebook by a page/group that I follow for inspiration called The Creative Crochet Crew! It might not be that big a deal to most people but for me it was HUGE! 

The thought that I could be providing inspiration for others, that somewhere someone is pinning my stuff on Pinterest is just out of this world! It makes me feel like I'm finally doing something with my life, finally achieving something! 

If you are on Facebook and don't already follow The Creative Crochet Crew then I suggest you do. It’s definitely worth it just to see all the awesome projects out there. (The pattern I used for the cushion is by the lovely Lucy of Attic24 & can be found here.)

I hate it when I can’t remember what I've done all week! I’m sure I did something this week! Thank goodness I took photos! Ok, I did spend a fair bit of my time reading, baking & procrastinating! My lovely father made breakfast twice this week…TWICE! It was so yummy & it was nice for me to have a break from breakfast duties. We have a lovely chair by our lounge window (it’s my dad’s chair) and it’s the only place where you can get a bit of sunlight! Our windows are rather large and high so I can only see the sky but that’s all I want to see! It’s the perfect spot for early morning reading and crocheting. I finished reading Beautiful Creatures this week…I won’t go into how much I didn't enjoy that book or how many crochet hours were wasted on it but let’s just say we decided not to see the movie…I’ll just wait till it’s on tv. I’m currently reading The Edge Of Never by J. A. Redmerski. It’s such an awesome book. I didn't know much about it but the reviews were good and so far I can honestly say that it’s well worth a read. There is mention of a few classic rock songs throughout which is right up my street. One was Laugh, I nearly died by The Rolling Stones. I’d never heard of it until then and it’s a really cool song! Most of my week was spent baking, exercising & cleaning so it's been great to spend the weekend reading & enjoying cappuccinos, liqueurs and yummy cupcakes!  

Can you see the funny shaped loaf of bread in the photo above? That's what happens when someone turns the breadmaker off! The dough had risen so much it was nearly coming out the top. We managed to save it but it certainly came out an interesting shape! So I did some baking this week…first I tried to make cake didn't go well...Then I made pancakes (I completely forgot about pancake day!) but we’d run out of maple syrup so they were topped with everything from lemon juice & dark brown sugar to honey! Then I made cupcakes…the only thing I always seem to get right! They were for Valentine’s Day so I made them red and topped them with cream cheese icing. I’m still fighting with the icing! It was firmer this time because I found out I’m meant to use butter but it was lumpy because it wouldn't mix and I’m scared of using an electric hand mixer! Scared of the big mess it’ll make more than anything! My fiance & father thoroughly enjoyed them. We finished them off last night. Here’s something I’ve been wondering about…Does anyone else ever eat the bottom of a cupcake first? It’s like what they say about the tops of muffins being the best part!

Ok, so I finally finished the rainbow solid granny blanket! 13x13 = 169 squares! I'm missing it already! Once it was ready I gave it a good wash and packed it away. I'm itching to make another one because I just love it so much and I feel like it would look lovely in the lounge.
I kept the border simple. Just 3 rows of dc in white, followed by 1 row of hdc in bright green & then ended it with a little wavey/picot edging. I sewed the squares together with slip-stitches. 8 Different Stylecraft Special DK colours in total.
The colours used were Jaffa, Fiesta, Magenta, Turquoise, Matador, Citron, Bright Green & White. All in Stylecraft Special DK. It's bright so getting good photos has been a nightmare! So, it's done! It's gone and now I need to start something new! I've got a camouflage one planned for my dad but I can't decide between solid squares and granny stripes....I'll have to make a sample!
Aww, don't you wish you could live like a cat? They spend most of their day sleep, eating & playing! Our cats are so spoilt! These are 5 of our 7! 
And lastly, I thought I'd share some things with you. The top photo is of all my crafting book (newest edition is Connect the Shapes Crochet Motifs by Edie Eckman which I got for Valentine's Day from my lovely man), my jar of Stylecraft colour swatches, my shadecard, my colour pencils for designing and some magazines. My birthday present is also sitting there because it contains chocolate and cannot be eaten for another 38 days! 47 days done! The second photo is of all the different teas I bought this week. I usually only drink normal tea or fruity tea but thought it was time to try something new. So far so good! And the last row is a yummy danish that my fiance got for me while at his course on Tuesday (he really does spoil me), my camera equipment (some of) and 2 of my favourite Nikon D90 with 50mm lens and my lovely Tabby!

Ok, so I think that's it. Today has been hectic! I've been working on this since 2pm and it's now nearing 9pm! Time to relax. Thanks for stopping by & please do visit again. Any suggestions or anything please feel free to leave me a comment. Have an awesome week! Mine's going to be a super busy one!


  1. Congratulations on being featured by CCC! I am also a fan of them on Facebook and saw your cushion but didn't realize it was yours until now. That's really awesome, I'm happy for you. :)

    1. Thanks so much Jennifer & thank you for your comments.