Sunday, March 24, 2013

Busy little bee!

We've had so many appointment this week, so many early morning and so much general chaos that I've pretty much ended up passed out on the sofa every night by 9pm! I've missed my quiet early morning. Can you believe I haven't had a single morning to myself all week? I need me time and it's been seriously lacking this week! Even my reading has been on hold, which for me is a definite no no as I'm sure you know :) still, my father made us a delicious meal last Sunday & I did get to enjoy a cappuccino on Friday so I guess that makes up for it!

Sadly I've not got much crochet to share with you this week. I did manage to squeeze some in here and there but nothing is finished. Well actually, that's a lie. I did finish the cardigan/waistcoat. I was so happy with the end result but I think it might be too big for a 6 month old (I'm not good at sizing kid's stuff). Hopefully I'll know soon enough and then I'll be off to 'actually' make it because this one was just a sample. My little secret project will have to wait a little longer (I've not even touched it since last week) and the ripple is slowly rippling along. I hope I'll have more to show next week. I'm counting on it being a quiet week which means lots of crochet time...hopefully!

We managed to squeeze in a walk this week in between all the bad weather. It was a slightly overcast day but not too cold. The path was muddy and slippery but we enjoyed every minute of the walk.

We are so lucky to live in this tiny little village and have the option to walk down to the river whenever we feel like it. I love the sound of the river. It's so relaxing. I could easily sit there for hours. We used to go down their for picnics when the weather was sunny so hopefully when it warms up we can start that again.

Now then, as well as being busy with all those other things...I was also busy spending money! I went on a tiny bit of a spending spree................

First, on Monday I spotted this awesome pattern to make a cat nest and decided I just had to make one...or two...or three! I went to my favourite shop....Wool Warehouse and picked out some super chunky yarn! It wasn't easy picking the colours because unfortunately there isn't that great a selection when it comes to super chunky yarn but I succeeded in the end. Within an hour my order had already been dispatched and by Tuesday morning (less than 24hrs) I was sitting looking at a lovely new stash of yarn! Happy Happy Happy! :) Hopefully I'll have a cat's nest to show you next week as I've started one today! I never realised how tough it was crocheting with super chunky yarn though, it's hard work....especially for my poor hands!

And the second spending spree happened when I spotted my favourite peanut butter goodies on Amazon. I love nearly everything Reese related but it's not really available in the UK unless you buy from specialist shops and then it's really expensive! So, when I saw these things available for less than we've paid before and free delivery...well....I went a bit nuts! Total heaven! It got even better when I spotted Butterfingers! Butterfingers are my favourite chocolate (a peanut butter version of a crunchie...what's not to love?) and I only get to have one every few years! Oh if only the shops sold them....................I'm honestly not a chocolate person but there's just something about chocolate and peanut butter being mixed together that turns me into a bit of a chocoholic!

I did do some some sensible shopping as a cooling rack for baking because the tiny microwave ones just don't do the job and a Cath Kidston notebook for storing crochet ideas.

The Cath Kidston notebook is gorgeous! Each page is beautifully decorated all along the borders. I can't wait to start filling it up with things! It's the first Cath Kidston thing that I've ever bought!

And a blog post is not complete without a bit of cat love! I didn't photograph them nearly as much as I usually do but here are a few to share. Our two eldest cats have been fighting for the spot on the top of the barrel (the huge scratching post)! This eventually lead to them sharing it because neither would give up the spot! The eldest (Munchkin) has now claimed it and no one is getting a chance! Soetie (seen above surrounded by brown paper) was in her element when the box of shopping arrived! Cats love boxes and anything that makes crinkly noises!

And because I think we all need a good laugh now and then, I thought I'd include this photo. It's poor quality but it's so funny! This is Vinnie (one of our youngest but also the longest and largest) and he thinks that he can fit into anything including this small plastic container......I think it makes him look like a chicken :D

Thanks again for reading my blog and putting a big smile on my face once a week with your lovely comments! I hope you've all had a good week and I wish you all the best for the week ahead! I plan to do nothing but crochet and read today (Yeah right! Like that'll happen....but it's worth a try!). Hope to see you back here next Sunday! Take care x


  1. You've had a lot going on! The vest looks great. You could always put it away until the baby is bigger and give it then. I love Reese's products, especially the miniature cups. I don't know whether I've tried the cereal, I hope you like it! Your Cath Kidston notebook matches my apron and oven mitt! I have a few things that I've bought from her website; I don't order often because the shipping rate is high to the US, but sometimes I do my birthday shopping there and have my husband wrap it up for me. :)

    1. Thank you :) I'm waiting at the moment for them to let me know if it fits so I can make the 'actual' one. I definitely prefer making blankets and things though ;) the cereal is very fulling but still enjoyed! I've always seen people talk about her stuff and the only thing I could afford right now was the journal so thought I'd try it. Definitely worth it :) I do that too lol it's the best way ;) x

  2. seems like you haven't had alot of time to yourself this week hopefully you might next week ;), gotta love Vinnie the cat picture, how he fits himself in that white tub is beyond me lol, cats always can give you a laugh at the sad or angry times so its nice to see loads of cats pictures they always bring a smile to my face, hope you enjoyed the reese peanut things, they are very yummy especially the butterfinger :). So great pictures and i hope you do get to read this week if not you always are a busy bee :D

    1. I did, thank you! Cats are very entertaining so there is hardly ever a dull moment in our house! ;)