Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter/Overindulging on Chocolate Day!!!

Hope you are all having a wonderful Easter! I received some lovely goodies and my dad had an Easter Egg hunt at work (isn't he lucky) which meant even more goodies. I've definitely overindulged on chocolate! Sadly, my body is not as big a fan of junk food as I am. I think I'm going to have massive fruit & vegetable cravings next week.  

I've had such a super lazy week! Ok, I did go into Spring cleaning mode briefly...all bedding was washed and the house even got cleaned twice, bathroom and kitchen included but after that nothing happened! The crochet was abandoned, Zumba wasn't even thought of and the walk was put off nearly everyday. My fiance recently mentioned how I haven't even baked anything for nearly 3 weeks! Shocking! I'm not entirely to blame of course, it's all the weathers fault really...I feel like I should be hibernating. It's meant to be Spring, we are at the end of March and the sky looks lovely and blue, the sun is even shining but the minute you step outside you feel this blast of icy air and back indoors you go! The sofa looks so inviting and a day of reading under a warm blanket sounds so good!

I did end up doing a bit of crochet of course because when you are a crochet addict your week isn't complete without a bit of crochet time. I continued to work on the cat bed until I ran out of yarn and had to order more. It's turning out to be a rather expensive cat bed and a bit of a nightmare really. I finished it yesterday and realised something had gone wrong somewhere because it was all bunched up and not at all dome shaped like it should be! So today it's going to be taken apart! :( I'm starting to wish I just made them a big basket! Crocheting with super chunky yarn is not hurts! Spoilt cats!

I also spent a bit of time with my scrappy ripple. It makes me smile everytime I see it and it's so warm. We get along better so it's great for when I need to relax. It's nearing the finish line and then I get to sew in all those ends and give it a border! Once it is finished, I'll be starting two big projects. I bought the yarn for them back in January and I've been putting them off for far too long now. I also plan to finish my secret project eventually.

Last Sunday, I finally sat down and sorted out some of my photos that I'd like to get prints of. My only reasons for wanting these prints is because I'm trying to change people's opinion of crochet as it's often still thought of as old fashioned and boring to many. It's not always easy to just go on Ravelry, Flickr or Facebook and show people so I thought it'd be great to make a photo album of some of my projects. It was so exciting waiting for them to arrive & then getting to look at them but I still prefer looking at them on the laptop. I don't why, I just do!

So, that was my week! Not as busy as it usually is but I did get that much needed rest. I also finally finished reading The Host (it was better than I expected) so I can finally move onto the book I've been waiting to read for far too long...Flat Out Matt by the amazing Jessica Park. It's a follow up/companion novella to Flat Out Love which is pretty much my favourite book of all time! I highly recommend it! Her writing and the characters she creates are just totally awesome! 

Next week is going to be a super busy one. Hope to see you back here at the end of it! Have an awesome week! x


  1. Crochet is not boring! Well, not to me. It looks like the cat bed is already being enjoyed. The ripple is looking good. Hope you have a great week!

    1. Exactly my point! It's so inspiring and creative. Every piece is like a bit of art! I want people to see that. In the village I live in we have a few people that are stuck in the old days ;) yes the bed is or at least was being enjoyed. Hope you have a great week to x