Sunday, April 28, 2013

Once upon a gloomy week....

I've not got much to say or share this week. It's been a bit all over place in our house. I started the week off feeling very unwell so wasn't in the mood to do much of anything apart from the important weekly chores. My dad's been on night shift this week which is always exhausting for him & means very early morning for all of us and my OH had a pretty bad week in terms of pain.

The weather has not been on our side and so instead of our usual walk we went walking through our little town and the cameras stayed at home. I managed to take one photo with my phone. It's not a very good one but it does a good job of showing you just how gloomy it was! 

Here is another photo. This photo was taken during our walk down to the bus stop on our usual volunteering day. Another gloomy day. It's also gotten very cold again and I find I am really craving the sun!

Another mobile phone photo but I wanted to include it because it's the only time I've managed to get a picture of Soetie doing this. She is obsessed with running water! In the early morning when I come down to fill the kettle, she runs down with me and jumps in the sink. She then waits for me to put the tap on so it drips and she can catch the drops. If I let it trickle, she sits and watches it. Cats are such strange but extremely intriguing animals!

We went shopping on Friday for our big monthly shop. I got distracted briefly by these cute & funny looking toys! I can't help myself! I have a thing for cute cuddly toys but it's even worse when they have a sticker that says try me...I just have to press it! After all the hard work was done, my dad treated us to lunch. 

We've definitely eaten well this week! There have been the occasional very yummy treats (cinnamon swirls, cheesy pretzels, cheese sticks & the most amazing tasting cinnamon bun) but we've also eaten a lot of salads. When you've not got much time to cook, a salad is the easiest thing to throw together. We often have it with some chicken which I usually throw in one of those oven bags and add plenty of spices! The highlight of the week though was definitely my dad's roast dinner last night! Just what we all needed!

The cats have been their usual naughty selves! Lots of sleeping, lots of snuggling up to yarn, lots of playing and a fair bit of hanging on curtains! Thankfully those curtains are only temporary until we find the right ones for our lounge.

I thought I'd include this photo of what half of my yarn stash currently looks like! Embarrassing! See those bags with hearts on them? Those are two extra large bags full of yarn. Some of it is for some new projects and the rest is scraps leftover. Some of it hasn't even made it's way into any bag and some of it is still upstairs in the office! I really need to organise myself!

Now then, I've decided that because this week has been lacking in everything (crochet, colourfulness, cheeriness, good photography) and because you were still kind enough to come and visit me here on my little blog, I am going to set myself some goals!

  • Complete the rainbow scrappy ripple (sewing in ends & doing a border)! ← This one is very important!
  • Tidy & sort out yarn stash!
  • Complete rainbow runner! (This one is currently giving me headaches but I shall persevere!
  • Catch up with granny square CAL (Found here for anyone wanting to join in).
  • Complete a mandala! (If you want to try this out you can find an awesome tutorial here)
  • Read 2 books! (This includes my current read!).
  • And lastly, bake something! (It's been far too long since I did that!).

Ok, so those are my goals for the week ahead! Let's see if I can stick to them!

Oh & something to add at the end....I have a new found respect for the elderly and the way they are able to use walkers/zimmer frames! I was curious and tried one out a few days ago and wow, it's seriously not easy!  You have to be able to lift the thing that is supposed to be giving you support and the ones with wheels in the front are even worse!

Ok, that's it for this week. I hope your week was better/more productive than mine and I wish you all the best for the week ahead! Hope to meet you back here next Sunday, hopefully with a more exciting post! ☺


  1. I'm sorry to hear you weren't feeling well this week but I'm glad you're better. You're right, it really was gloomy there, wow. I hope the weather is cooperating better now. I have never had a cat so I enjoy hearing about yours; how funny about Soetie and the sink. I had thought cats didn't like water but she's really into it! Have a great week. :)

    1. Thank you Jennifer, your comments are always so sweet and so appreciated. This week was beautiful, at last! I know, these kittens are very strange. They like to play in the bath like it's a paddling pool!

  2. Great pictures i love the cat pictures again :) and sorry to hear you was unwell glad your feeling better now can't wait to see what next week is going to be like