Sunday, May 05, 2013

Sunshine & Rainbows!

Ok, so I think I achieved most of my goals this week...most! The thing is, I sort of forgot about a few other tasks that had to be done.  Sadly the rainbow ripple is still sitting on the unfinished pile. I don't know why I keep putting it to the side but hopefully this week it will be done! The rainbow runner is coming along nicely but it will definitely need blocking! As for the granny CAL, I've not given up on it but I've not had the time to catch up. Once I do then I will! Ok, so.......

I did manage to fit in some cappuccino time in between all my various tasks. Healthy cappuccinos of course! No sugar and lactofree milk but still yummy! We are still eating very healthy here in our happy home. Lots of fruit & salads. We tried something different this week. Pita bread stuffed with chicken and salad. Yum!

I just wanted to include this picture on my blog. It's an example of how I plan nearly all my crochet projects. I usually use Paint or Excel to plan them out and play with colours. I then go and play with my jar of swatches to see what works. I love playing with colours. My thing at the moment is rainbows. I'm playing with different colour orders.

Circles, circles, circles! They have been driving me crazy all week! I still can't get my circle to stay flat. I tried a slightly bigger hook and it was a small improvement but I might have to go one more size up. I honestly thought my tension was too lose but according to my little crochet bible it's because my tension is too tight...that can't be right can it? The one in the photo above is having other issues. It's ruffling. I have the right number of stitches but it's just not working out. I've also come across a new issue...octagons! The bigger the circle gets, the more octagon shaped it becomes. I won't give up! I will conquer circles!!!

Especially because I purchased all this beautiful  Hoooked Zpagetti yarn this week! Isn't it lovely? It did make a very large dent in my piggy bank but hopefully it will all be worth it. I can't wait to get started on my  rainbow rug! I'm super duper excited about it! Can you sense a rainbow theme going on? Oh & yes, I know! I went and bought more yarn and I've still not sorted out my stash! It's just growing everyday! I can't help it...I'm a yarnaholic! 

I didn't get round to showing you my lovely new pens, notebook and shopping list pad that I bought last week. The shopping list pad has a magnet on the back & can actually stay on the fridge. It's awesome! The pen is part of a set of 3 & has a lovely pattern all over it and the notebook is just gorgeous. It was the birds and flowers on the front that caught my eye. I also bought a friendship bracelet maker. I used to love making these but always used a safety pin to keep everything in place. These days they have these cool 'makers' that do it for you! I can't wait to try it out!

The waistcoat is done. I know it wasn't one of my goals of the week but that's only because I had forgotten about it. This was for a friend's granddaughter. It's the same pattern I used before, Sirdar Lacy Cardigans & Hat.......but this time I used the yarn that she gave me in the colour they wanted/needed it in. She was happy with it and I was happy that it was done and out of the way. It took me a few hours to make but I spread it out over a few days. The second time was much easier than the first but I don't plan on making another.

More cat beds were on the agenda this week! I saw this pattern mentioned on my favourite facebook page (The Creative Crochet Crew) and had to make one. I made a lot of adjustments to it but got the general idea from there. It has been claimed many times over the past few days so I can tell that I'll be spending next week making a few more. Good thing I had all that yarn leftover! I made it for Bella (she's the one in the pic) because she is so tiny and needs a little warm place but her daughter (who is much larger) keeps stealing it from her. Like I said, it's constantly being claimed by a different cat.

I baked! At last! I finally managed to squeeze in some baking. I made nutty muffins with a surprise chocolate centre. They were yum & the perfect Saturday afternoon treat! My father and fiance were greeted with a cup of a tea & a muffin when they returned from doing the shopping. Big smiles all around. I ♥ these two special men so much. I am so lucky to have them in my life. We'll enjoy the last few muffins tomorrow while watching the Motogp! ☺

Yay for sunny weather! We had a few lovely warm days this week. Look at that beautiful blue sky!

Yay for flowers, leaves and lots of colours! Total awesomeness!

My fiance and I decided to go for a picnic down by the river. We spent half an hour walking and enjoying the scenery. It was so nice to be able to leave the house without our winter coats!

We then walked back to the little park/playground to have our picnic. We were there for well over an hour. We spent most of it laughing and talking and just enjoying each other's company. It was a lovely day. ♥

And of course we can't forget the cats. They've been busy misbehaving, relaxing, playing and just being way too cute and entertaining. The kittens will be 2 years old next week! I can't believe we've had them in our lives for that long. They have brought so much life into our home ♥

Ok, so once again, that was my week! It's been busy and I did get a lot done but not all of my goals unfortunately. I did read though! I finished 2 books this week. Neither were worth mentioning but I'm hoping my current one will be. 

My goals for the week ahead:

  • Complete the rainbow ripple!
  • Sort my yarn stash!
  • Conquer circles!
  • Read two books!

Let's see if I can get all those done!

It's a bank holiday here on Monday but my poor dad has to work. I'll be getting up at 4am everyday to get his breakfast made & his lunch ready. Hopefully this means that I'll fit lots into my days! 
I hope you've all had an enjoyable week and I wish you all the best for the week ahead. See you next Sunday! x


  1. You really did have a busy week. I like the way you plan your projects on the computer, I didn't know you did that but it's a great idea. I have really had to struggle to teach myself how to use colors randomly, so I have used a random pattern generator a few times in the past. The waistcoat is looking really good. Your picnic looks lovely and romantic and how cute is the cat sleeping in the pink blanket?! That's like cute and fluffy overload. :)

    1. I know lol he loves the pink fluffy blanket. I've always found excel & paint to be the best things for planning. I wish I could do random, it's the OCD in me ;) thank you for your kind comments. Thank you for always taking the time to comment ♥