Sunday, May 19, 2013

Cats, Cats!!! All you need is cats!

Hello! I hope you've all had a lovely week. It's been another busy & tiring one for us. The photo above was my view by the end of Monday. I was so tired once all the cleaning was done that I decided to sit on the kitchen floor & read while dinner was cooking! It also gave me a chance to admire my hard work...look how shiny that floor is! (It didn't last long)

We had some visitors on Sunday evening. There was a lot of noise outside so we went to check it out and found these two cheeky chaps outside. I think we had interrupted their fight!
Once the door was shut it wasn't long before they were off chasing each other again!

I've enjoyed a healthy diet this week. Avocado, plums, pomegranates and salads. Yum! I've also been experimenting with a cake recipe but at the moment it's still a work in progress. 
I managed to sneak in a tiny bit (very very tiny bit) of crochet. All the ends have been sewn in on the ripple and now I'm just stuck on the border. It's never easy picking the right colours for a border on a rainbow blanket. I've got a bit of time today to just relax so hopefully I can get some crochet done.

Our garden has been very active lately. We've had all sorts of birds visiting us. Our favourite is the Magpie. He comes to tell us when the food needs topping up and also hints when he feels like some cat food. We are very fortunate to live in an area where there is a lot of wild life and people are encouraged to look after them as much as they can. 

We finally went on our shopping trip to Swansea! We'd been planning it for a few months but just never got round to it and it's a fairly long journey for us so we don't do it often. The first thing we did was stop by Starbucks for something to wake us up after the long trip. The staff were lovely and friendly. There was a bit of much needed clothing shopping done (I'm not a fan of shopping unless it's for yarn) and a few other odds & ends. It was a tough day for my OH who was in a lot of pain after an hour or so of walking around so it was a huge relief when everything was done and we were able to sit down and have some lunch at Costa Coffee. Expensive but the food was nice, it was right near the bus stop & my OH wanted to treat me but in future I think we will definitely take packed lunches!

So, all I've got to share with you this week is lots of cats! They've spent a lot of time playing with water. I honestly don't know where their obsession with water has come from but they love it. Soetie is the worst one. She runs into the bathroom & kitchen and waits for you to put the tap on. She likes to attack the drops & watch the water run!

I managed to catch Moe playing with the water this week. Usually he runs off as soon as he sees the camera. He likes to drink the water from the tap and catch it in his paws. There are quite a few interesting shots of him. Funny little boy! 

Lots of sleeping & relaxing was done this week just like every other week. Soetie has taken over Sock's bed and has been catching the sun. Vinnie had a lazy play...he likes to relax on the floor, under the blanket and play with the ball track...lazy play! Tabby likes to sit near me while I crochet or do things on the laptop.

We brought home a paper bag for them to play with from our shopping trip (you always have to bring something home for them) because we know how much they love them. They've been fighting over it. At the moment it is being used as a bed. 

It's not only humans that do bird-watching...cats do it to! Although that might have more to do with their bellies! We are providing entertainment for the cats by feeding the birds. They make so many funny noises while watching them! Most of this has been happening at 6am, ideal bird-watching time!

The kittens birthday was yesterday and they did get a little bit spoilt. They had a very yummy breakfast and then kindly posed briefly for me to get a few photos. Of course the older cats make the most of it because we spoil them to!

Then we had play time for a bit. They love to play with glittery pom balls so we hunted some down for them. You do have to be careful because tinsel can be dangerous but we keep an eye on them and the tinsel is stuck in the ball & isn't very long. We did try the tinsel free ones but they weren't shiny enough to keep them interested. We have a few toys hidden that we bring out now and then. String can be dangerous and so we try not to leave it lying around. Vinnie has a habit of chewing anything that is attached with string. He's like the health & safety officer. So my OH played with them while I took photos, until they were all exhausted! It was a fun day and I think we all enjoyed it.

I'm sorry my blog has been extremely packed with cats this week. Sometimes this feels a bit like a diary of our lives, a bit of history for us to look back through and it's nice to have that. I'm a bit of a hoarder when it comes to memories. They are the only things I really collect ☺

Thank you for reading my blog, for all the lovely comments and for still coming back even when I'm bombarding you with cats, cats & more cats! Hope to see you all again next week!

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