Saturday, May 18, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday Kittens!

Today our little kittens are a whole 2 years old! I can't believe that these beautiful fluffy cuties have been in our lives, causing chaos and constantly keeping us entertained for 2 years. 

Our lives haven't been the same since the day they arrived. So much has changed and most of it for the better. We never planned on keeping them because we already had 4 cats to look after and times are hard but the day they were born we knew that there was no way we could let go. 

It's especially hard when you've brought them up and watched over them nearly 24hrs a day. The first few weeks were tough because Moe was very small and didn't seem to be eating enough so we had to monitor him. They had to be weighed everyday to make sure they were growing. At first we nicknamed them V (because he had a V shaped mark on his little head), M (because he had a white stripe that looked like a mohican) and B (for blacky because she was black). 

We thought that Soetie (B) was a boy because she was so big but it didn't take us long to figure out otherwise. They were so cute and a little funny looking. Their heads were too big for their bodies and they had short stubby tails and wobbled when they ran but they were so fun to watch.

Once we had officially decided to keep them, we decided to officially name them. Vinnie, Moe (Mosely) and Soetie. I've got loads of videos and pictures of them. We spent many hours watching them sleep, explore and play. The chaos began the day they figured out how to climb out of their sleeping zone/pen!

It was just go, go, go, go from then on...everything was a climbing frame, everything was edible and everything was a toy! The only time we got any peace & quiet was when they were sleeping and even that didn't last long! We didn't mind though, they had us all wrapped around their little paws!

I still can't get over how small they were! And those blue eyes! They were like little balls of fur...extremely cute balls of fur!

They really did grow fast and I'm glad we were able to capture & experience it all. I apologise for all the photos but their cuteness is just irresistible. I had only planned on sharing a few but I just couldn't decide between all the photos I've got and I guess I just wanted to share this incredible journey they have taken us on over the years.

They have kept us so busy and turned our lives upside down. Having kittens in the house is almost the same as having toddlers around. You have to kitten proof your house otherwise all sorts of things happen. We found that out the hard way. Let's just say that we have a lot less ornaments! You also worry about them constantly. We were nervous wrecks the day they had to go in to be fixed (we had it done ASAP as we really couldn't afford any more cats) and have their jabs. It was such a relief when the vet rang to say they were ok and we could pick them up in a few hours. There was lots of cuddles when they got home!

And gosh don't they love to play! All the time! Especially first thing in the morning after breakfast! They run around the house chasing each other like little maniacs. We have a trug full of toys just for them. The whole house is just one giant play pen for cats!

Their first Christmas was an adventure for us & them. The tree didn't last long before it came crashing down. We ended up buying a new one the following year. They just loved everything about Christmas.

So, this is them a year after they were born. Our precious little furbabies ♥ 

And this is them now, 2 years old and still as active as they always have been! Still playful, crazy and full of nonsense but still filling our home with so much love, joy & happiness. I honestly couldn't & would never want to imagine life without any of them!

Happy 2nd Birthday Vinnie, Mosely and Soetie!


  1. Happy birthday to the kittens! They're very pretty. I've never had cats so it's fun to read about what they're like.

    1. Aww thank you Jennifer. You are so kind ♥ I love your comments x