Monday, August 26, 2013

A Bank Holiday Post

It's a Bank Holiday Monday here & I've been up since 6am. My poor dad still has to work so it's only fair that I get up early to welcome him home with a hot cup of coffee & some breakfast. It helps that I'm a big fan of early mornings! My dad is pretty awesome. He was at work till 6am, came home, had some tea & breakfast, had a few hours sleep & then got up and went to the shops to get a few odds & ends and surprised us with a teatime treat! 

I've been crocheting like crazy lately. I've only got till the end of September to get my 2 large crochet projects done & then I'll need to start preparing things for the Arts & Crafts Fayre. The 2 large WIPs are my dad's camo blanket & a gift (also a blanket) which I can't say too much about at the moment. Both are coming along nicely but they are certainly chewing up my time!

Two of our lovely cats have developed a habit lately of waking us up as early as possible! Soetie (the black fluffy one) and Tabby (it's in the name really) have decided that anytime after 5am is perfect for a bit of attention! I disagree slightly...7am would be better at weekends if you don't mind! I managed to squeeze in a photo of Bella, Socks (being crazy & playful as usual) & Munchkin. Bella put a big smile on my face this week when I saw her climbing onto the chair & getting ready for a nap. I've finally managed to get her to sleep on the chair with the blanket rather than on the cold floor! Yay! The cats are great at letting you know that it's getting colder. They hog all the blankets & Munchkin starts looking for humans to snuggle up to! 

And lastly...I have been doing plenty of baking lately. Well, I say baking but it's more like experimenting. See, there is nothing nicer than a hot pudding/cake/cookie etc in winter with a lovely hot coffee or cappuccino so I've been experimenting with all these microwave recipes out there. I have one chocolate cake one that is my all time favourite! It's not eggy, spongy or rubbery! It's perfectly chocolately, like a giant brownie in a mug! I'll try to remember to post it sometime! I found a lemon one that I've not tried yet and I've tried loads of cookie ones but none have been successful! Got any to recommend?
While I was experimenting with cakes & cookies, my dad mentioned that he'd rather have something savoury. So off I went to the kitchen to bake some spicey cheese muffins! That was lunch! Yesterday, I made pancakes with maple syrup for breakfast! We don't have them too often because the maple syrup is pretty pricey!
I'm getting back into my baking & cooking again. I think it's because it's cooled down a bit!

Ok, that's it from me this week. Short & sweet! It's been a hectic & very unlucky week (I might share that story with you one day) to start with but we've all kept that smile on our faces hoping that September will be a better month! Take care all & hope you have a lovely week!
See you next week!

PS: If you have any issues viewing my blog please let me know. I've changed a few things & will be fiddling with it over the next few days!

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  1. It's so nice of you to get up for your dad's breakfast. I'm sure he appreciates it a lot. Nice to see all the baking you're doing; the menfolk must be loving it!