Sunday, September 01, 2013

Time to have a break.........

I spent the last week thinking about how busy we are lately, how little free time & family time we have at the moment and how a few things desperately need to change! When I started my blog at the beginning of the year, I hadn't realised how hectic things would get! We haven't even had time to go for those walks I love so much!

With my to-do list growing longer, my current WIPs increasing, my dad's crazy work schedule, our September schedule looking chaotic, my fiancé's health up & down and our need for a healthier lifestyle gradually growing, I've decided to take a brief break from blogging until (hopefully) October. We've had a bit of bad luck thrown our way recently which hasn't helped much but I am remaining positive!

I've learnt something this year that has given me a different outlook on life! We should always try to find the positive in the negative. Try to find something everyday to feel positive about no matter how rough that day might be! Even if it's something small like cooking a yummy dinner! Negativity is so draining! I spent a lot of my life being negative. I've always been a pessimist but this year I am working hard to be an optimist! Ok, that's as insightful as I'm going to get!

So, with a bit of luck I'll be back with plenty to share by October! Cat's included! 
Hopefully you won't miss me too much!
But for now, take care lovelies! I'll leave you with this photo taken on my dad's birthday, December 2012 at one of my favourite places....The Mumbles Pier! 

PS: My Oupa (grandad) turned 80 on the 29th of August! The best part of my week was getting to speak to him & my Ouma (grandma) for the first time in ages! ♥♥♥

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  1. Enjoy your break. I'll look forward to see you when you come back. :)