Sunday, January 20, 2013

Just One of Those Days!

I'm trying to stay on schedule and stick to my goal of a blog post a week but unfortunately I woke up this morning with a migraine! Luckily, I'm not one to give up easily so here is my weekly post!
 Oh wow, what a week it has been! This week was our first week back into the normal routine but with some newly added bits. It was surprisingly easy to slip back into. We started our week off with the usual weekly cleaning because there is nothing nicer than starting the week off with a sparkling clean house! It also meant that we could finally put the new rainbow granny stripe on our bed (I always feel like the bed should be clean before a new blanket is put on it). It's so snugly & warm, I love it! My boyfriend was back at college this week which gave me the chance to do some crochet & Zumba! I absolutely love Zumba! I have the game so I use his XBOX and the Kinect! It's so much fun and it keeps you fit! The music is amazing!
We were back volunteering at our local centre again for the first time this year and welcoming all the changes there! 2013 seems to be the year for change. I've made a list of all the changed I'd like to make/achieve this year. I'm hoping I can stick to them. The exercising and eating healthy are top of that list! 
There was also a lot of relaxing, reading, some exercising, lots of crochet and a fair bit of cappuccino drinking this week! Did you see my cool pattern at the top? I've never done that before! Ah....cappuccinos...I think I'll be cutting down on those next week!

 There was an awful lot of snuggling going on this week! I think that was possibly down to the freezing conditions that greeted us in the middle of the week. The crochet blankets have been working hard! Most of our cats like to peddle them and sleep on them or be covered over but our one little boy likes to be right under them. We built him his own little fort which he loved and spent the next 4 hrs under, fast asleep! Spoilt cats!

There has been a fair bit of play time as well & plenty of eating/snacking! I guess they are trying to build up a bit more fat for winter...they are such a joy! Cats keep your life interesting. It's certainly never quiet in our house!

I did do a bit of baking & cooking this week. I made roast potatoes and crispy chicken for the first time. I don't like fried foods so it was great to find a way of making crispy chicken without having to fry it. It came out really well and the men were very happy! Midweek, I decided to treat us to some lemon muffins (naughty but needed) with a bit of lemon icing drizzled over the top. It's my own recipe and I must say, they were delicious! One of our new years resolutions was to not buy cakes or cookies. We're trying to only eat homemade treats because it is the healthier option. I like to know what's going into my food. It's important, especially when you suffer from allergies. Our bread is homemade thanks to the purchase of an amazing breadmaker! For our weekend treat I made carrot cake and mixed up some soft cheese & icing sugar to spread on it. It bugs me that it's so hard to find carrot cake with the proper cheesy icing! Another good reason to bake our own!

Now as I mentioned in the beginning, there was a lot of crochet this week! I'm still working on a blanket with little squares (a sample of a bigger one). I wasn't looking forward to sewing in all those ends but eventually I started to enjoy it! I'm nearly halfway so hopefully by next weekend it will be finished! It's looking good so far and I'm sure the cats will kidnap it from me once it's done! I also had to sew in ends of a blanket I made about 3 years ago because as a beginner to crochet at the time, I didn't sew them in properly the first time! It gave me a chance to reflect back on how much I've learnt in the past few years. Hopefully that will be the last blanket it happens with (I hope!). I'm currently planning 2 other blankets to order yarn for soon. One is for my wonderful father and the other is just for fun! I've seen lots of ripple blankets lately and it's given me some inspiration to make a second one! I didn't enjoy making the first one but I was new to crochet at the time so hopefully this time it'll be better! As you can see from the photo with  my jar of colours, I'm still planning out the colours!

 The best part of this week was the snow! We were snowed in on Friday! It was wonderful! My dad got a much deserved day off work! 
I didn't get much of a chance to play in the snow as I was very busy indoors but thankfully I managed to get a few minutes free to take some lovely pics! I love how snow makes everything seem so fresh & clean! Beautiful! My favourite part was the icicles hanging off the shed roof! We were briefly under red alert which I didn't really understand because it was nowhere near the amount of snow we had 2 years ago!

Quick update on the chocolate: We've now reached 19 days without chocolate! Still going strong!

Ok, so that was our week! Lots of cleaning, reading, crochet, volunteering, snow, eating etc It's been fun! I hope I made some sense! Things are hectic here today so I've not had the chance to read back what I've written and edit it! I'm off to make dinner & do some crochet now! Thanks for stopping by & hope to see you again next week! Enjoy your week x


  1. Once again, beautiful photography! I love your colour palette. It's great to see someone thinking on their own as I'm seeing people copying others more often lately and that's sad.

    1. Thank you very much. I really appreciate your comments. I do understand the copying part. I think sometimes people are just a bit scared to go with their own ideas. Sometimes it's just easier to copy someone else ;)