Sunday, January 27, 2013

Winter Blues!

So, have you ever heard of the winter blues? I'm pretty sure I was suffering with this all week! Either that or my body was trying to tell me that it's time to slow down and relax. I have to admit that I've not had a chance to just do nothing but relax and read for a very long time. So most of my week was spent just trying to find the energy to do the tiniest of things! Eventually I gave in & spent a lot of time reading, drinking cappuccinos (even though I said last week that I'd cut down but they were so worth it) and sort of comfort baking and eating! Not much crochet... I baked a lemon drizzle cake and an almond flavoured cake. I even added a bit of food gel colouring to brighten them up a bit! I finished reading a pretty amazing book. I'm currently enjoying real life/angsty/dramatic/tearjerker type books...I love books that even a week after you finished reading them, you are still thinking about the story & the characters. You know the type right? The ones that are heart-wrenchingly beautiful/tragic. Admittedly, I feel 100% better! Well rested & ready to face the new week!

Do you like my Stylecraft colour swatches? I made these 2 years ago. I have one more every Stylecraft Special DK colour and I keep them in a jar next to my shadecard. It's a huge help for me and for people I've made things for. 
Although I didn't do as much crochet as I usually do, I still got a fair bit done! I've now sewn in all the ends of my solid granny squares, I've started a blanket that a friend ordered (that's the brown granny stripe), tried the groovy-ghan found HERE (this pattern is amazing...I'm addicted and really want to make a big blanket now), ordered yarn for 2 new projects that I hope to start in the next month or two (I will show these and list the colours soon but right now they are safely packed away) and sorted out my very old stash of Stylecraft (old Stylecraft...before the new improved quality). So, I guess I've still been fairly busy!

Cooking, cooking, cooking! It just wasn't really my week for it! The music helped me get through though..always need to have goof music while you cook! 
My dad usually cooks on Saturday & Sunday. I look forward to those nights because his food is so yummy! I decided to give him a break & cook wasn't a disaster but everything was ready except for the garlic bread! That was still frozen in the middle! I made a chicken casserole later in the week & accidentally put chicken soup in! Big OOPS! After throwing in some spices & stuff, I managed to salvage it in the end...not great but it was a meal! Tonight my lovely dad is making chicken casserole (the right way) and a curry for himself. Yummy!
Zumba! I adore this Xbox game! It's so much fun! Even thought the energy was lacking, I still managed to get up and do 30 minutes of Zumba! Awesome! Totally awesome!
I was treated to dinner by my wonderfully amazing boyfriend on Thursday. After a very busy & tiring day volunteering, he made me a lovely (but very naughty) meal of cheeseburger and chips. I enjoyed every mouthful! He certainly does spoil me.
Yesterday the men went out to do our monthly shopping (I hate shopping & prefer to stay home & do some cleaning & baking) and so I made sure that I had some cake & coffee ready for them the minute they walked in the door! Fresh coffee made in our lovely cafetiere for my dad & I and tea for my boyfriend. My father & I are big coffee drinkers. In the past year, we have stopped drinking instant coffee and now only drink coffee made from freshly ground coffee beans. It's such a huge difference. 

Oh & let's not forget the weather! It was still very wintry up until Friday! We had a bit of snow but not enough to make us snowed in again! Today it was back to the usualy welsh weather.....rain, rain and more rain! Secretly, I think I actually love the rain!

The cats have been busy as usual this week! Lots of sleeping, playing & fort building! I had a bit of help in the kitchen but I think that was only because there was chicken cooking!

I hope I haven't bored you too much! I'm not great at the writing but I do try to provide colourful photos each week! I know I'm guilty of often only looking at the pictures and not readin ;)

So, that was my week! It's been a rough one but thanks to the wonderful men in my life & our 7 lovely cats, I got through it in the end! It's my birthday on Wednesday so I'm looking forward to a nice meal out and some fun at the weekend. Hope you all have a lovely week! Thanks for stopping by & hope to see you here again next week! x


  1. Hi! I'm enjoying your blog very much. I'm also on the Ravelry group for Attic 24, and I've loved so many of your projects. Your photos here are wonderful and I'm enjoying reading what you're up to; I understand the winter blues though. It looks like you're keeping warm and busy with projects and delicious cooking!

    1. Aww thank you so much for commenting on my blog :) my first comment & it's made me ridiculously happy! I'm glad you're enjoying it. I'm still learning the ropes ;)