Sunday, February 03, 2013

Birthdays & Engagements!

 It's been a busy, busy week! I had a birthday this week! My father made me breakfast, my boyfriend made me dinner! I was very spoilt! I got lots of lovely goodies for quilt making and crochet, a new craft bag (which hasn't arrived yet) and some new winter boots. I was treated to a lovely lunch at my favourite cafe & bistro NRG, some Merlot and of course a yummy dinner & carrot cake! A lovely friend gave me a bottle of Cava & some chocolates which I will save for when I can eat chocolate again (52 days to go!) and last night my father bought us chinese take-aways! As I said, I've been very spoilt this week!

And most importantly......I GOT ENGAGED this week! Yes, after 10 years of being together we finally decided that it was time to get engaged! We actually got engaged on our 10th anniversary but didn't have a ring yet so we decided to wait till it was ready (it was too big so had to be resized) before we told everyone and my birthday just happened to be the day we picked the ring up! It's a gorgeous little ring. I'm not a very flashy person & hardly every wear any jewellery. I was really worried about picking a ring because it needed to be me otherwise it'd end up in a draw somewhere and I'd only where it on special occasions. We looked online, found one we liked that didn't contain any huge diamonds and went in to see it...up close & on my finger, it just didn't look right! The lady helping us was so lovely, she went hunting through their display and found another one....I tried it on & WOW! It was THE ONE! It was nearly half the price of our first choice and has a flower made up of a cluster of diamonds....PERFECT! Once the cat was out the bag my mother couldn't wait to spread the word. She was over the moon and so was my father. So, it's been a pretty special birthday :)

The day after my birthday our little town had a 'Welcome Home Parade' for the 1st Battalion Welsh Guards. Luckily we were in town for our volunteering day otherwise we might've missed it. The main roads were closed, buses rerouted and a lot of security put in place. Our local police officers and council workers did an excellent job preparing everything. I really enjoyed it, the band was wonderful. For such a small town we had a pretty huge crowd turn up which was awesome. Many of us were shocked to see just how young these guys are. I have so much respect for these brave men.

Sadly, I didn't get any crochet done this week! I'm still trying to finish my blanket of tiny squares (which someone has now told me they would like to buy) and am also currently being sucked into the world of reading again! Prodigy (which is the sequel to Legend By Marie Lu) came out this week and for me it is a must read and then next week Unravel Me (which is the sequel to Shatter Me by Taherah Mafi) comes out! So, as you can see I am going to be busy busy busy! ;) I did bake some yummy cupcakes this week! It was the start of the Six Nations (I love my rugby) and so my cupcakes had a theme! I'm sure you can guess which team I'm supporting! (Even if they did play really badly against Ireland).

So, that was my week! Thanks for reading my blog. I really do appreciate it. I hope you all have an awesome week and meet me back here again next Sunday! x


  1. Congratulations! And a Happy late birthday. I love all the color to your posts. It's very inspiring:)

    1. Thank you Laurel! I'm glad I'm providing some inspiration :) that's a huge compliment!